Mystery Trail between Merivale and Woodroffe

As I was plotting this morning’s ride on Google Maps, I discovered a trail between Merivale and Woodroffe that isn’t shown on my trusted MapArt paper map. Hmmm… adventure awaited!

I accessed the mystery trail from Glenmanor Drive, just beyond Merivale Road. This is the view that greeted me.

Giants!… no, hydro towers…. phew!

The unmarked path is open in some parts like this….


In other areas it is surrounded by tall shrubbery, like this….


With dozens of un marked access points along the way, I felt like I had entered an overgrown hedge maze. My instincts told me to continue along the path most trodden, which eventually led me out to this glorious view.


A bit beyond was Woodroffe Avenue, from the edge of which I turned and snapped this last shot. All very exciting.

Author: ottawavelo


6 thoughts on “Mystery Trail between Merivale and Woodroffe”

  1. I believe that swath of land was originally reserved by the NCC for a ring parkway that was intended to connect the Ottawa River Parkway (now the JAMP) with the Airport Parkway.

    1. Thanks for that tid-bit of info on the Mystery Trail. It will be interesting to see how that southern loop develops, along with the present extension of Hunt Club to the 417.

  2. I just discovered this trail system last fall, having lived neatr it (in Centrepointe) for 20 years+. It is a nice easy ride on a mountan bike

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