Biking to Église Saint-François d’Assise in Hintonburg

While travelling along Armstrong Street on my way to the Great Canadian Theatre Company where I’ve been designing the set and costumes for Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet, I often hear the wonderful bells of the Église Saint-François d’Assise ring out one block south on Wellington St. W. The church is a grand and important heritage edifice in the community of Hintonburg, but getting to it safely by bike isn’t obvious. Wellington is very narrow with lots of car and truck traffic. So, here’s my recommended safe bike route to get there, heading east.

Our short adventure begins on the Wellington St bridge over the O-Train tracks, at the top of the ramp that comes up from the path that runs along the tracks. You will find yourself on the south side of Wellington. Walk your bike a hundred yards west along Wellington to Breezehill Ave. It isn’t worth trying to cross Wellington at the top of the busy traffic bridge along the bike lane, only to have to cross back again to access Breezehill.

Turn left on Breezehill, then right on Laurel. This will take you along quiet residential streets, EXCEPT at the start of the school day when it becomes a bit frantic as folks drop off their kids at Devonshire School on Primrose.

Turn left on Irving St where Laurel ends. Continue along Irving for a short distance and be on the lookout for a little lane that cuts across to Fairmont Avenue. Take it, then turn right on Fairmont. You will be approaching the church from the back. Here it is as seen from Wellington.

Église Saint-François-d’Assise
Église Saint-François-d’Assise

This blogger posted more info on the church, including this great SoundCloud recording of the church bells ringing at noon.

Quite the site and sounds to behold, well worth the visit.