Bike Route from Centretown to CHEO

Here’s a route from the corner of Somerset & Elgin to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO).
The blue line on the map below is the route I followed. A lot of road and path construction is happening between our start and finish points. The green line is the route I would take after all the construction dust settles. UPDATE – summer 2018: The construction along Hurdman Bridge has been completed so the green line option is once again an option.


Away we go!

I rode down Somerset to the canal and crossed over the Corktown Footbridge.

Corktown Bridge
View downtime canal through the love locks

UPDATE June 2017 – Previous version of this took a detour to north as the Nicholas St underpass was under construction. It’s still partially under construction, but you can ride under it regardless.

I cross Colonel By Drive then ride under the Nicholas St underpass. I continue straight along Marie Curie, across King Edward at the lights, then down Somerset all the way to the Rideau River and the Adawe pedestrian/cyclist bridge.

Looking down Somerset just east of King Edward
Adawa 1.jpg
Adawe Bridge
Adawa 2
View from the bridge

Once arrived on the eastern shore I turned right and followed the Rideau River Eastern Pathway.

Rideau River path.jpg
Rideau River Eastern Pathway

After passing under the Hurdman Bridge I turned off the path and rode along the detour past the major construction happening in and around the Hurdman transit station. This path is mostly crushed gravel.

Crushed gravel detour around Hurdman Station

The path becomes paved and continues through to the major traffic intersection at Riverside Drive and Industrial Avenue. Once across Riverside Drive I continued along the path that runs along Industrial Avenue beside the memorial to victims of cancer.

path beyond Riverside
Path along Industrial Avenue

After crossing Alta Vista Drive the path then veers off to the right away from busy Industrial Avenue.

path off Industrial
Path off Industrial at Alta Vista intersection

I then followed Coronation Avenue for a very short distance before turning on to Station Boulevard. At the end of Station Boulevard there is a path that cuts through to the ring road that circles the CHEO campus.

path to cheo
Path at the end of Station Boulevard

I then followed the ring road around to the main entrance of the hospital. Because there are no shoulders along the ring road one may feel more comfortable cutting through the parking lots, as suggested by the yellow line on the above map. I noticed a couple of bike racks right near a small playground, indicated by the yellow drop on the map.


Et voila!