Rue du Cyclisme et Rue du Plein Air

Excellent choice of street names (roughly translated as Cycling Street and Outdoors Activity Street). So early this morning I biked off to Gatineau to check them out.

But first, the moon. Here it is hovering way above the Chinatown arch.

The moon above

Another beautiful view en route was to be had here along the Ruisseau de la Brasserie.

Ruisseau de la Brasserie

With a bit of imagination, the metal half round chimney top detail on many of the houses in the Rue du Cyclisme / Rue du Plein Air area might be considered a post-modern reference to a bicycle wheel.

Po-mo chimney detail

However I think the names are more in reference to their proximity to Gatineau Park and the many bike paths easily accessed from these streets. I took the path past Leamy Lake on the way home, which looked like this as I biked by.

Lac Leamy

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