Household Hazardous Waste Depot on Navan Road

Yesterday was one of a number of household hazardous waste drop off days hosted by the city throughout the year. This time it was at BFI landfill site on Navan Road. I’ve been wanting to dispose of an old can of paint, so I bundled it up in a garbage bag, stuffed it into one of my panniers, and headed off.

Part of the route took me a short distance along the Prescott-Russell Recreational Trail. This amazing trail runs along the old VIA Rail line almost all the way to the Quebec border. Working your way through the city to the trailhead is a bit tricky, especially choosing the safest way to get across the 417. Cyrville Road isn’t terribly bike friendly, but I find it a lot safer than crossing at Innes Road. There are dedicated bike lanes along Innes on the east side of the 417. They have also added paved shoulders along Anderson Road as far as the trail head, like so:

Mmmmm.... paved shoulders
Mmmmm…. paved shoulders

Here’s the trail.

Prescott – Russell Trail

The images below show both sides of Navan Road taken from the same spot just beyond Renaud Road.

Barn & Houses

Not much to see as I biked in to the BFI land fill site. I suppose that’s in everyone’s best interest, as long as the waste is safely disposed of. I’m guessing the big pit on this Google satellite image is the landfill.

BFI Waste Management Site

The hand off went very smoothly. They asked for my postal code, took my paint, and away I went.

On my return trip I decided to bike along Navan Road to access the area of Blackburn Hamlet. Navan Road was awful (no shoulders, crumbling asphalt, speeding cars). Blackburn Hamlet was great. You’ll notice on the map how the bike path weaves its way through a narrow strip of parkland. The residential properties back right up to the path, providing rapid scenarios of folks enjoying their Sunday afternoon. Here’s what it looks like at one of its wider spots.

Path through Blackburn Hamlet

I then joined the Greenbelt Trail. As I biked into the toboggan hill parking lot where it crosses the path, I surprised a couple as they rushed to pull up their pants and jump in their car. Awkward. A bit further on, the path wove through a great big field of tenacious wild flowers holding on through the dying days of summer.

Wild Flowers

The Ottawa River Pathway was filled with folks enjoying a Sunday promenade. I watched sailboats ply the river while small planes flew low overhead, taking off at regular intervals from the nearby Rockliffe airport.

Boats and Planes

On the way through Rockliffe I discovered this nice little trail across a wooded park that took me up and over to the driveway.


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