Derailleur Disaster

Google maps shows a bike trail starting off on the east side of Riverside Drive, just south of Rivergate Way. When I got there this evening it was blocked by a locked gate, the chain link fence kind. The paved trail was further obstructed by a fallen tree about 10 yards beyond. I had noticed a small uncharted path a bit further north along Riverside Drive, so I followed that instead, anticipating it would eventually lead me to the blocked off trail.

Path up from Riverside Drive

This was an unmarked mystery path, which looked alot like this most of the way.


Eventually it did become wider, confirming my instincts I was on the right scent. I had just passed another bicyclist who was out with his dog when disaster struck. A stick got caught in my derailleur and busted it right off, like so.

I carried my bike to the corner of Uplands and Country Club Drive, sent a drop pin to my super partner Carla, and waited to be picked up.

While waiting I sent a photo of the damage to Mike, my bike-whizz-bro-in-law, asking if he thought the repair was within my skill set, or whether I should ask a pro. Regardless, I am desperate to get back in the saddle. “sigh….”

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5 thoughts on “Derailleur Disaster”

    1. That’s what the other bro-in-law said too! I’m going to take the busted derailleur off my bike and try bike shops around town to see if they have the same one or one that fits my bike. He also suggested buying another cable as they aren’t too expensive, but never make the mistake of using a brake cable in place of a gear cable. Please thank Bill.

  1. Brian, I can’t see the bracket on the bike frame. If it is not bent too badly you should be able to straighten it. If it is snapped off, then you can get it welded up. Unfortunately, I am not set up for aluminium welding. I’m not sure if the average bike shop would have welding capability either…

    1. Hi John. I guess you were wondering why I was hobbling along on Carla’s shorter bike when you biked past this morning, no? Well, now you know. Thanks for the offer. I took the derailleur off and it is really twisted in all sorts of ways. I found the bracket at Fresh air and the derailleur at Bushtakah this morning. I find Bushtakah is very good with installing parts you buy there so I’m going with them. I should be back in the saddle tomorrow! But I still want to take you up on looking over my old mountain bike to see if I can salvage it for winter riding!

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