Gatineau River Yacht Club

It’s the Gatineau River Yacht Club’s 50th anniversary!

The club’s web page suggests quite clearly that this weekend’s celebrations were open to members and past members only, however I thought maybe I could have a quick look around and hopefully photograph their clubhouse designed by architect James Strutt, who designed two other of my favorite local gems – the Trinity United Church on Maitland Avenue and the Westboro Beach pavilions as seen in this post.

But ….. no luck. Here is as close this pooch and I managed to get.

Access Denied

Looks like a fun place from the mainland though.


This link has a great description of the clubs history.

On the way back along Chemin de la Mine I noticed these interesting sculptures.

Sculptures along Chemin de la Mine

And then this fun antique put-put put-ed by.

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