Osgoode Link Pathway

My daughter and a friend went to see a matinee at South Keys about a bike courier in New York City. In the meantime, I took advantage of being in the south end to re-visit the Osgoode Link Pathway. I have previously only biked the northern tip of the trail. I drove to the trailhead parking lot off Leitrim Road and biked South, getting as far as Flag Station Road, before heading back to pick up my movie goers.

Being a reclaimed rail corridor, the pathway is flat, straight and mostly shaded, crossing a few roads along the way. A pleasant ride and a good work out.

Osgoode Pathway

Author: ottawavelo


8 thoughts on “Osgoode Link Pathway”

  1. Does the path really go like that? It looks like it cuts through like “as-the-crow-flies”. Also, the movie seems a bit unrealistic. Like, who still uses bike couriers?

    1. Lawyers and private businesses in downtown core actually use couriers. They offer quicker delivery than motorized services in local areas – couriers are quick!

  2. Who is actually monitoring and responsible for this pathway? Can 50 cc or less motorbike be used here? It would be a lot of fun to do, but I would like permission.

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