The other day a car disappeared into a sinkhole on Highway 174, so early this morning I rode out to take a look.

On the way I snapped this photo of a popular Ottawa landmark -The Sphere sculpture by Art Price outside the National Research Council (1966).

The Sphere

Here’s the closest I got to the sink hole. The photo was taken from Jeanne d’Arc Boulevard as it crosses over the 174.

Sinkhole Repairs

They still haven’t retrieved the car.

I joined the Ottawa River Pathway and followed it most of the way home.

Author: ottawavelo


3 thoughts on “Sinkhole!”

  1. I remember playing in the water by the big ballbearing. It is just as shiny today as it was back then. It is one of my favourite sculptures not only because of the nostalgia, but also because it is super cool on all levels.

  2. Most definitely super cool. I remember first seeing it as a kid driving into town to visit my sisters at Carleton, many many moons ago. Amazing how it’s stayed so shiny.

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