Return to the Pine Grove Forestry Trail, and more!

Well, we loaded up the Element and headed off towards the Pine Grove Forestry Trail in the Greenbelt.

Driving Directions to P18

I’ve hi-lited the paths we biked and hiked with a white glow on this map.

Where we biked & hiked

The stretch between P18 (where we parked) and the start to the Pine Grove Forestry Trail has the highest concentration of interpretive panels I’ve ever seen along a nature trail. One every 20 yards maybe? Here’s one. The hungry mosquitoes kept me from reading them all, however I caught enough to remark how thorough the information was, providing extensive detail on the surrounding forest, so bravo.

Interpretive Panel

Pine Grove Forestry Trail was a short intimate hike punctuated with smaller interpretive panels along it’s way, as previously mentioned in this post.

Apart from the little stretch running along Davidson Road which was very narrow and grown over, but you can avoid by biking on the road. The rest of the route was wide and just a little bit bumpy. Like this.


A fine family outing.

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