Up the East side of the Gatineau River to Wakefield

Sunday mornings are fantastic for long rides because there are hardly any cars on the road. Yesterday I managed to ride along the 307 on the East side of the Gatineau River, before turning onto Chemin de Mont Cascades towards Wakefield.

Sunday morning along the 307

Beyond Mont Cascades the road was narrow, winding and picturesque like this.

Water Lilies

Chemin de Mont Cascades becomes Chemin Clark, which meets up with the bigger 366, or Chemin Edelweiss, but I didn’t have to follow it for very long before I turned down Chemin du Vieux Pont, named after the covered bridge across the Gatineau River. Originally built in 1915, it has a long and illustrious history, including it’s complete reconstruction in 1998 by the local community after burning down 1984. Here’s what it looks like on the bridge.

Wakefield covered bridge

And here’s what it looks like from Wakefield.

Covered bridge seen from Wakefield

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2 thoughts on “Up the East side of the Gatineau River to Wakefield”

  1. Great blog! Lots of ideas for new cycling routes on here. I’m just wondering if you had any issues with taking chemin mont de cascades on this trip, rather than taking the 307? Most of the suggested routes to Wakefield suggest taking the highway instead and I cannot figure out why.

    1. Thanks for the compliment on the blog! I haven’t biked along the 307 beyond the turn off to Chemin de Mont Cascades so I’m unable to compare the two, however if I was to venture a guess, the Chemin de Mont Cascades is quite narrow and a bit rough in spots (crumbling edges, narrow or no shoulders, some bumpiness, etc). Those who prefer a smoother speedy ride might be suggesting the 307. But that’s a guess. I still felt safe going along Chemin de Mont Cascades at a leisurely pace. I will eventually try the rest of the 307, as it’s my personal goal to bike all the roads and paths in the region at least once, so stay tuned.

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