Hickory Trail and Hydro Towers

An old friend said I might find more of Kiyomi Shoyama’s interpretive panel illustrations along Hickory Trail in Gatineau Park. After consulting the Gatineau Park Summer Trail Map I plotted out my route to the trailhead near the Southern end of the park.

Here are a couple of the eight interpretive panels I discovered along the trail.

2 of 8 Hickory Trail Interpretive Panels

Not sure if they are Kiyomi’s illustrations, but the panels are filled with great info on the many tree species found along the trail loop.

Another interesting hi-lite along the trail is this tree trunk tunnelled through at the base.

Hobbit Home?

It also seemed like a nice place for an early morning smooch, at least according to the couple I surprised on the pic-nic table in the clearing at the end of the trail. Shhhhh…… tee-hee-hee. No, I didn’t take a photo. I don’t know if they arrived in separate cars either, because I discovered another path at the opposite end from the trailhead parking lot. I hadn’t noticed this path on any map so I assumed it wasn’t official, until I happened upon this numbered snowshoe trail marker.

Snowshoe Trail

When I got home I looked up the Gatineau Park Winter Trail Map. Lo and behold, there it was – snowshoe trail 66. So what about all the other snow shoe trails that don’t correspond to any of the summer trails? Hmmm… more to explore. I’m hi-liting this section of my route in satellite mode to point out how this trail follows hydro lines most of the way.

Snowshoe Trail

Power line towers are impressive. They embody the modernist mantra Form Follows Function in large scale. Along todays route I happened upon no fewer than five variations of these monsters. Here they are.

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One thought on “Hickory Trail and Hydro Towers”

  1. Actually the mantra of Form Follows Function coined by Louis Sullivan is opposite to the current meaning it now has. Irony!

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