Bike route from Greenboro to Downtown

Greenboro is a residential community located just south of Johnston Road and west of Conroy Road. Here’s a route I tested out that’ll get you from Greenboro to downtown.

I started off from the Greenboro Community Centre and headed west towards Bank Street, following a selection of the many multi-use paths that weave their way through the community.

Path through Greenboro
Path through Greenboro

After crossing Albion Road and cutting through Pushman Park, I turned right on Pebble Road then Left on South Keys Place to Clearwater Crescent. Across Clearwater Crescent there are a series of paths that cut through to Southgate Road.


I rode north on Southgate for half a block before turning into the lane heading into a housing complex called Southgate Square. This I followed a short distance to Bank Street.

Laneway into Southgate Square
Laneway into Southgate Square

The next section of the route is less than stellar. That’s because there is no clear safe way to bike across Bank Street to access the Sawmill Creek Pathway on the opposite side of the South Keys Shopping Mall.

Once at the end of the driveway there is a shortcut that I took up and on to the sidewalk along Bank.

Path to Bank St at the end of Southgate Square laneway
Path to Bank St at the end of Southgate Square laneway

I followed the sidewalk south a short distance to the traffic lights across Bank Street into the South Keys Mall parking lot. The only crossing is on the south side of the intersection. I stayed along the sidewalk on the other side until I was able to access the parking lot.

Sidewalk along Bank to lights....crosswalk at the lights to South Keys Mall
Sidewalk along Bank to lights….crosswalk at the lights to South Keys Mall

Access to the Sawmill Creek Pathway is though a tunnel under the O-Train tracks at the south end of the mall, so I rode through the mall parking lot to get there. The sign at the entrance to the tunnel is confusing, however I have Tweeted confirmation from OC-Transpo that it is meant to be interpreted as ‘no riding your bike’, versus ‘no bikes allowed at all’.

Tunnel under Otrain to Sawmill Pathway..and it's confusing sign
Tunnel under Otrain to Sawmill Pathway..and it’s confusing sign

Beyond the tunnel is the Sawmill Creek Pathway, which is wonderful to ride along all the way to where it intersects the Brookfield Pathway.

Sawmill Creek Pathway - I stayed right
Sawmill Creek Pathway – I stayed right

I turned left at the Brookfield Path intersection which eventually brought me to the Brookfield Road round-about.

Brookfield path towards the round-about
Brookfield path towards the round-about

UPDATE – 2020 : A separated bike path has been added to the south side of Brookfield Road which is fantastic! Continue along this path to Riverside Drive.

I then crossed Riverside Drive and Hog’s Back Road, then continued along the path on the north side of Hog’s Back Road, which is identified as a shared pathway. That said, the path on the south side is commonly used by riders heading west as it is also paved and twice as wide.

Path along Hog's Back Road
Path along Hog’s Back Road

Update, 2020They are rebuilding the bridge over Hog’ Back Falls which requires walking your bike along  a tiny detour, identified by the purple line on the above map. Bonus – it affords a spectacular view over the falls.

Hogs Back Falls
Hogs Back Falls

I then followed the path that  dips under Hog’s Back Road then down along the Rideau Canal.

Rideau Canal Eastern Pathway
Rideau Canal Eastern Pathway

I crossed the canal at the locks near Carleton University. There is a metal u-channel to push your bike up the flight of stairs that gets you to the locks.

Up the the locks
Up the stairs…to the locks

I then rode down the hill and along the paved path that runs beside the canal all the way to the Dow’s Lake pavilion. I then crossed Prince of Wales Drive and turned left along the bike path for a short distance and then turned right onto the Trillium bike path that heads north beside the O-Train tracks.

Path along the O-Train just before it heads right up up to Scott St
Path along the O-Train just before it heads right up up to Albert St

I followed the path along Albert Street as far as the crosswalk that leads towards the Laurier Bike Lanes.

Crosswalk along Albert St
Crosswalk along Albert St

The path continues through the intersection at Bronson & Slater before eventually cutting through to the Laurier Bike Lanes.

Bronson & Slater intersection
Bronson & Slater intersection

The laurier Bike Lanes cut west to east across downtown as far as City Hall.

Laurier Bike Lane heading east
Laurier Bike Lane heading east

Et voila!

N.B. Here is another route I have ridden. I don’t recommend it as much as the route described above. That’s because while Conroy Road has bike lanes, it is still a major arterial road with lots of speedy traffic.

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  1. Could I have a bike route from Strathcona Park to South Keys shopping centre?

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