Bruce Garner – A bicycle tour of his sculptures, Part 2

After posting my first bike tour of Bruce Garner’s sculptures in and around downtown Ottawa, his wife Tamaya got in touch and generously forwarded me locations of a number of other pieces throughout Ottawa I didn’t know of, or didn’t realise were his creations. Pleased as punch, I subsequently put together this second tour.

First stop – Children of the Wind, tucked off of Wellington across the street from the Library and Archives Canada building.

Children of the Wind
Children of the Wind

The next two are in Lowertown. To get there I rode along the Voyageur Pathway on the Quebec side.

Phoenix is located on the lawn of a private home at 152 St Patrick St.


Succor is located a few blocks north at the entrance to the Elizabeth Bruyère Centre.


Next stop – Ulysses, in the courtyard of the University of Ottawa Arts building. A majestic grouping of figures in a wonderful setting. This has become my favorite of Bruce’s sculptures.


The final sculpture on the tour is Play Pals, located in Brewer Park.

Play Pals
Play Pals

There is also a sculpture Tamaya mentioned located downtown in the World Exchange Plaza, titled Moon Fragments, which I did not include on the tour as it is indoors, however I have marked its location on the map below, along with all of Bruce’s sculptures from tours 1 and 2, for those who may wish to plot a bike or walking tour of their own.{“type”:”block”,”srcClientIds”:[“5373212b-4257-4464-a624-cf1336ce3ca9″],”srcRootClientId”:””}

UPDATE – July 2018: While biking through Barrhaven I discovered this work by Bruce, located on the south-west corner of Malvern Drive and Greenbank Road. I’ve added it to the map below.

UPDATE – March 2021: Here is another wonderful sculpture by Bruce from 1975 located in Ambleside Park, as noted by Tania Garner-Tomas in the comments. Thank you Tania! I’ve added it’s location to the map below.

Ambleside Park

Thank you Bruce.

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8 thoughts on “Bruce Garner – A bicycle tour of his sculptures, Part 2”

  1. Thank you so very much for one of the kindest acts a stranger can do!
    To have a bike tour of great outdoor sculpture is wonderful. You have given my husband a great gift!
    Tamaya Garner Sculptor

  2. We have a lovely windvane by Bruce on the old Town Hall in Metcalfe (now called a City of Ottawa Client Service Centre. I could send you a photo, if you are collecting sites.

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