Andrew King’s Tee Tour

Local guy Andrew King has put out two clever series of t-shirts with screen prints borrowing from some Ottawa sign graphics from yesteryear. Here’s a tour with images of the signs that still exist from his first series of tees.

First stop, Jules Patry, as seen from the Somerset Bridge over the O-Train tracks. It’s on the southern facing wall of the City Centre building. On his web page Andrew acknowledges the tongue-in-cheek typo on his shirt, Pastry vs Patry, because most folks do mistakenly think it reads as Pastry, or Party. EDIT 2017 – The Jules Patry sign is long gone.

Jules Patry
Jules Patry

Speaking of City Centre, There used to be big distinct channel letters on the hi-rise part of the building, but they’ve been removed! Fortunately they are depicted on another one of Andrew’s t-shirts from the same series.

Stop #2 – West Park Bowling on Somerset near Holland Ave. Great sign, great bowling alley.

West Park Bowling
West Park Bowling

Next stop – Civic Pharmacy on Carling. Love it.

Civic Pharmacy
Civic Pharmacy

And finally, the Elphin. Hope they replace his foot.

The Elphin
The Elphin

Andrew’s t-shirt designs help remind us how these and other great heritage signs are to be cherished, and how much they contribute to the city’s character.

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