Rich Little Drive

Rich Little is an Ottawa born impersonator who made it big on American TV in the 60’s and 70’s. He now lives in Vegas where he has been performing in his one man play Jimmy Stewart & Friends. There’s a street named in his honour close to the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club so I went for a ride and checked it out. Blue line is how I got there, green is my route back, orange hi-lites are sections that are a bit treacherous to bike along.

Riverside Drive south of Walkley has raised paved shoulders separate from the sidewalk, like so.

Raised paved shoulder along Riverside Drive
Raised Paved Shoulders, or Bike Path Wannabes

There are sections where these paved shoulders disappear, as I’ve hi-lited in orange on the above map. These are Biker Beware zones, i.e. four lanes, fast cars, and minimal shoulder space.

Rich Little Drive is a pleasant little street, lined with houses all very generous in proportion to their lots. The street must have been developed at a time when multiple garages were a coveted feature, judging by the predominance they occupy in all of the front elevations.

Houses along Rich Little Drive
Houses along Rich Little Drive

A bit further east along Fox Hunt Ave this very well preserved Sea Ranch style house stands apart.

Sea Ranch Style
Sea Ranch Style

All of the paved paths were clear of snow including these along Mooney’s Bay. Yeah Spring!

Path along Mooney's Bay
Path along Mooney’s Bay
Rideau River in the Spring
Rideau River in the Spring

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2 thoughts on “Rich Little Drive”

  1. Brian, My twin lives on Rich Little Drive. I’m pretty sure that you photographed his house (the middle one of three in green siding).

    John W.

  2. That’s a funny coincidence! Another time a friend told me about a street that was quite unique so I went and blogged about it. I could have talked about any of the many houses on the street but the three I wrote about were owned by members of her extended family. Again, completely coincidental. Wacky.

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