Cannons in the Capital

As part of North Korea’s escalating rhetoric and bellicose threats to nuke their southern brethren and the U.S., they have set up missile launchers along their east coast. Most pundits believe they are mostly for show. Whether or not the missiles are capable of lift off, their display has certainly captured the world’s attention. Japan has responded by setting up an anti-missile system of their own. All these shows of force had me pondering the many depictions of long barrelled artillery on display throughout our region, so I came up with the following ‘Cannons in the Capital’ bike tour.

By peering through the angled glass wall just off Booth street into the Canadian War Museum you get a good view of this large collection of tanks and armoury.

Looking in to the War Museum
Looking in to the War Museum

This tank sits just to the north outside the museum, seemingly waiting for an indoor parking spot to open up amongst its peers.

Chaffee Tank
Chaffee Tank

Booth Street Bridge over to Gatineau is under construction, but you can safely make your way across the river by biking down Victoria Island and up over the Portage Bridge.

These two tanks, parked on display outside the Salaberry Armoury at the corner of Boulevard Alexandre-Taché and Boulevard St Joseph, are dedicated to the resident Régiment de Hull.

More tanks
More tanks

I couldn’t find any cannons on Parliament Hill, but they do fire a 21 gun salute on Remembrance Day from the Hill.

The National War Memorial sculpture titled The Response includes this depiction of a WWI gun being pulled through the stone arch by Canadian combatants.

The Response
The Response

Outside Yardley’s Antiques on Bank street these cannons are available for those who wish to purchase their own pieces of old artillery.

Cannons for sale
Cannons for sale

And here’s a blue heron standing in the canal under the Bronson street bridge.

Blue Heron under Bronson
Blue Heron under Bronson

these two replica 9-pounder cannons are stationed on the edge of Dow’s Lake right in front of HMCS Carleton naval reserves.

9 Pounders
9 Pounders

Just around the corner on Prince of Wales sits this more contemporary machine of war.

Outside CFRB Dow's Lake
Outside CFRB Dow’s Lake

So there you have it. Many depictions of cannons throughout the region to discover.

Author: ottawavelo


2 thoughts on “Cannons in the Capital”

  1. Ottawa looks like its prepared to defend itself!
    I have an idea. Do you mind if I copy (and credit) your idea? I’ll call mine “Heavy Artillery in the Hammer.” Which is Hamilton, of course.
    Great post! You are a creative fellow!

  2. Sure, go for it! Someone should do one for Quebec Ciity as well, but as I recall there are quite a few… maybe a walking tour. All this military muscle flexing makes me want to re-visit Shaw’s plays Major Barbara and Heartbreak House.

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