Up the 105 to greet the Nishiyuu Walkers

The Journey of the Nishiyuu‘, meaning ‘The Journey of the People’ in Cree, inspired me to head up the 105 alongside the Gatineau River to meet them on their way to Chelsea from Wakefield on the second to last day of their incredible trek to Parliament Hill. Here are the first members of the group I met who had walked all the way from Whapmagoostui on James Bay.

Lead group of Nishiyuu Walkers
Lead group of Nishiyuu Walkers

This bike ride is one I would normally not have attempted until the snow had melted but, inspired by the effort and dedication of these youth, I made it on my hefty winter bike, no problem. Here’s how.

I encountered the walkers along Chemin de la Rivière as they completed a very long climb up from the rivers edge. The confidence in their stride was amazing. Here are a few more shots.

2nd group

4th group


By the time our paths met their pacing had been stretched out as they were well into their day’s journey, so the above images don’t do justice to the number of youth participating in the trek.

They stopped for a well deserved lunch break where the 105 and Chemin de la Rivière meet.

lunch break

The biking conditions up the 105 are mixed. There are generous shoulders to ride along as far as the Larimac golf course, just watch out for sand left over from the winter.

Sandy Shoulders
Sandy Shoulders

North beyond the Larimac golf course conditions remain the same as described in this post.

The Nishiyuu will be treated to some great views such as this over the Gatineau River on their way to Ottawa.

Gatineau River from the 105
Gatineau River from the 105

But unless they deviat from the 105 they will also encounter views like this coming into Gatineau. Carla calls this scenario The Battle of the Pylons, pylons being the type of tall stand-alone signs popular with car dealerships and gas stations.

Battle of the Pylons
Battle of the Pylons

Safe journey Nishiyuu walkers, and see you in Ottawa.

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