Bike&Ski to Nepean Point for the Equinox Sunrise

Yeah Spring! I decided to greet its arrival by catching yesterday’s equinox sunrise from Nepean Point. It’s also a great place to watch sunsets and storms approaching along the river valley. The big dump of snow we received the day before made me decide to bike down behind Parliament Hill, and then ski the rest of the way. The pathway isn’t cleared in the winter.

The blue is biking, red line is skiing, purple line is walking/skiing.

There is a parking lot on the edge of the river just below the National Archives you can access by a road that goes under Wellington. That’s where I locked up my bike, and took this picture looking out across to Gatineau.

Looking out across the Ottawa River
Looking out across the Ottawa River

Made it to the Point (phew!) in time to welcome Helios riding his chariot up over the horizon.

Here comes the sun, do-do-do-do...
Here comes the sun, do-do-do-do…

This is an exhilarating view at any time of day, looking north out over the Alexandra Bridge.

Alexandra Bridge
Alexandra Bridge

Time to head back. here’s how it looked along the path down towards the river behind Majors Hill Park.

Oh! que bella...
Oh! que bella…

In the winter Parks Canada leaves all the locks open except the very top most one. You can only cross the canal on a closed lock. I decided to ski across the river instead, just in front of where the canal meets the river. It was great. But don’t do that.

Ski tracks on the river
Ski tracks on the river

It really is a wonderful ski along the path below Parliament Hill. This is the view towards Asinabka, or Victoria Island, taken from where I parked my bike.


Biking up the Nanny Goat Hill I passed Megan Butcher at the corner of of Bronson and Slater. Megan has been taking great photos throughout the city which you can check out at

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