Biking to the Carlington Heights Ski Hill

Back in October I blogged a bit about the abandoned ski hill up at the Carlington Heights Reservoir. A friend mentioned he toboganned there with his kids so I decided to go check it out early this morning. Blue line is how I got there, orange is how I got back. Red is where I had to get off my bike and push.

It’s been awhile since I’ve gone for a ride at 6:30 am as I do in the summer. That’s because the combination of cold and darkness make my pillow simply irresistible. But this morning I gave it a shot. The thing that struck me the most as I saddled up was the dense hum of the morning city traffic, like that of a huge waterfall just a short ways off. Maybe it’s amplified by the wet roads, and perhaps in the summer it’s all muffled by the leaves on the trees.

I biked through the farm along the NCC Scenic Driveway like so.

NCC Scenic Driveway
NCC Scenic Driveway

On my way to the reservoir ski hill I happened upon another really steep toboggan hill at the top of Edgecliff Avenue.

Rated black diamond
Rated black diamond

To get to the very top of the reservoir I carried my bike up a steep incline and across a snowy plateau to be able to look out over the old ski hill like so. The toboggan run starts on the other side of the chain link fence.

Atop Carlinghton Heights Ski Hill
Atop Carlinghton Heights Ski Hill

Here is the top of the toboggan run. It’s pretty awesome, with built up snow jumps thrown in for good measure. It was so well used and packed that I managed to bike down the hill without sinking in.

Looking down the toboggan run
Looking down the toboggan run

Now THESE are one of the winter cyclists worst enemies – icy ruts on icy roads. They seem to thrive in the conditions we are experiencing, whereby accumulated packed snow turns to ice, and slightly warmer conditions allow the ruts to form. Even studded tires are defenceless against these suckers. Fortunately they are primarily found on side roads where there isn’t a lot of traffic. Best way to deal with these is to go nice and slow.

Icy rut
Icy rut

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2 thoughts on “Biking to the Carlington Heights Ski Hill”

  1. I grew up in Copeland Park and these days visit my parents often, who still live there. The old ski hill is a must to walk to every time. Thanks for the memories and the pics.
    Btw last winter we were sledding there are a fellow came from the res side on a Pugsley and went down the hill while everyone watched in amazement. Wasn’t you by any chance, eh?

  2. Copeland Park is a really nice area. I love how the streets are laid out in a curved centripetal pattern. Lucky you!
    No, wasn’t me on the Pugsley last year. This was the first time I’ve been to the ski hill in the winter. The snow being so packed such that I didn’t sink in was testament to how popular the hill is with tobogganers.

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