Biking through Centretown from Bronson to Bank on a slippery day

So, it’s Sunday morning, freezing rain, super slippery, and I’m out of rosemary to prepare a marinade. Got to get to Herb & Spice over on Bank, but how? Solution – studs! Whereas last week I was a convert to the concept of studded tires, today I am a full on Preacher Man! The only danger, as a fellow member of the Church-of-Holy-Studded-Rollers explained to me, is over confidence. He described people slipping and falling only after getting off their bikes upon arriving at their destination.

Here’s the safe route I followed to get across Centretown from Bronson to Bank. Blue line to get there, red to get back.

Heading east-west is safest along any street other than Somerset or Gladstone, providing you choose the proper one way direction. Heading south is best along the Percy Street bike lane.

Percy bike lane
Percy Street bike lane

Shiraz food store, located where Percy crosses Somerset, is fantastic for assorted nuts and other Iranian goodies. Their chicken is really good too.


But I was on a hunt for rosemary and I knew I could count on Herb and Spice on Bank to have some. I was not disappointed.


On the way back along James St there are a couple of architectural delights to take in. At Lyon and James is this wonderful row house called Hollywood Parade, built in 1892. Fantastic brickwork, and big round arches.

Hollywood Parade

Hollywood Parade
Hollywood Parade

At James and Bay sits the Power House, an example of the Prairie Style, from 1915.

Power House
Power House

I then followed the bike path along Bay and made my way home. Mission accomplished!

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5 thoughts on “Biking through Centretown from Bronson to Bank on a slippery day”

  1. Nice idea for a blog post. I often bike home from downtown, coasting down the hill heading South on Lyon. Lots of nice buildings that you pass by without giving a thought to.

    1. Thanks for liking the post.
      There is indeed a bike path along Lyon which is great. Cars go a little faster there than on Percy, I’m guessing because there is more than one car lane and they have traffic lights instead of stop signs, but cars fortunately have to slow down after Somerset because of the speed bumps. One interesting building on your route along Lyon is the one with the domed roof right across from Dundonald Park. It used to be a house of worship, I’ve forgotten which religion, that’s since been turned into residential units, but it has maintained it’s original form. Now you’ve given me an incentive to go check it out.

      1. I know exactly which building you’re talking about. I’ve never stopped to take a closer look because that’s when the hill starts to get steep and I can grab some momentum heading home! 😉 I’ll have to check it out some time, or maybe I’ll see it on your blog.

  2. Isn’t Shiraz Iranian? They are also a good source for chicken – roasters, breasts etc. I have seen big legs of lamb, beef and other meat too.
    And then there is the baklava.

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