Biking to the Great Canadian Theatre Company to see a show

My friend John and I biked to the opening of The Number 14 at the GCTC on Wednesday night. If you are considering seeing this fun show about a bunch of eccentric characters riding the Number 14 bus through Vancouver, and are looking for a safe bike route to the theatre from Centretown, here you go!

We biked down Armstrong Street rather than ride along Wellington. That’s because the bike lane along Somerset over the O-train bridge disappears and is replaced with sharrows where Somerset becomed Wellington. I’m not a big fan of sharrows. They are those double V’s painted on the road that are supposed to tell drivers that bikes…. actually I’m not sure what they are for. I fear they are being adopted as ineffective substitutes to bike lanes. This section of Wellington Street is full of character, but it is narrow and full of traffic too. Armstrong is much quieter.

What a hoot to see this great big old OC Transpo bus from the 50’s sitting outside the theatre! As a tie-in to the theme of the play, GCTC and OC Transpo are doing a cross promotion called ‘From Their Seat to Our Seat’, hi-liting the various bus routes one can take to get you to the theatre on time. Great idea – taking the bus is a fine mode of transpo, after biking of course.


There are a number of bike stands along Wellington just to the right of where the bus is parked, beyond the frame of the picture.

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