Théâtre de l’Île

Gatineau’s Théâtre de l’Île and the island on which it sits, just off the Ruisseau de la brasserie Pathway, are local treasures.

Yesterday morning I biked over to take care of a few details on a set I designed for a play called ‘Sous-sol à louer’ that opens on the 31st. This old stone bridge leads you onto the island.

View of stone bridge from the island

The 120 seat theatre is located in the Hull Water Works. Originally built in 1886, it was converted to its present use as a theatre in 1976.

Le théâtre

The secluded grounds that extend behind the theatre are quite zen, especially in the spring with the sound of water gurgling by on either side.

Landscaped grounds

This sculpture by Victor Tolgesy is located at the far end of the grounds.

Explorateur II, 1968

This piece titled Sortie côté jardin was sculpted by Denis Charrette from a maple growing on the site. The tree was in bad shape and had to be cut down. The title of the piece is a play on words, côté jardin being the equivalent of the theatrical term ‘stage right’. The sculptor was inspired by a play written by Hedwige Herbiet, called La légende du Théâtre de l’Île.

Sortie côté jardin

It’s a great destination for a short ride, or a fine place to pause on a longer journey.

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