Return to Pleasant Park Woods via the Poets’ Pathway

Yesterday my son had an afternoon hockey game in the Urbandale neighbourhood so I biked there. A section of the Poets’ Pathway passes through nearby Pleasant Park Woods, which I’ve been wanting to re-visit, so I followed their suggested route on the way home. Here’s how the journey panned out.

To get to this part of town I usually ride along the canal, cross over at Hogs Back Falls, bike back down along the Rideau River Eastern Pathway, then cut east along Pleasant Park Road. This I did in reverse on the way home, but today I was running late so I chose a more direct route down Bank Street to get there. Bank Street Bridge over the Rideau River is treacherous on a regular day. Presently it is under construction, making it even more dangerous for bicyclists. Won’t do that again. It’s a spot to avoid.

Bank St Bridge looking south
Made it to the rink on time – that’s my superstar!

Many houses in Urbandale have this interesting pattern of protruding bricks on their front facades.

Architectural outies

This raised paved shoulder straddles Heron Road, which I rode along to get to the start of the Poets’ Pathway. These exist along other busy roads throughout the city as well. Not sure what their intended purpose is. Carla thinks they pave them because nothing worthwhile can grow so close to the side of these busy roads due to the salt and dirt plowed there in the winter. I consider them bike path wannabe’s.

Raised shoulders

The Poets’ Pathway (Walk 8) is along a network of intersecting unmarked trails, which isn’t too confusing since the strip of parkland it follows is relatively narrow, as long as you generally keep heading in the right direction. A compass or gps might be useful.

Most of the trail looks like this….

Lots of room

… until you reach the woods.


It started to rain as I made my way back along Pleasant Park Road, so I pulled out my super water proof gloves purchased at Preston Hardware just the other day for 50¢! I kid you not – 50¢! OK, they lack bling, but they work like a charm. There’s even room for little wooly gloves when it gets colder.

Red Cotes!

Here’s what you’ll be up against if you choose to bike back over the Bank Street Bridge.


Here’s a view of the Rideau you’ll be treated to if you choose to continue along the Rideau River Pathway.


Now that they’ve drained most of the canal, Dow’s Lake is teeming with ducks and Canadian Geese. I’m guessing they are taking advantage of the freshly exposed seaweed. Mmmm, yummy!

Ducks on Dows

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    1. No I biked across and a black SUV got a little testy and tried to squeeze me off to the side. I held my own and stayed in the centre of the road. No choice. Scary.

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