Almonte Farmers Market for some of Steve & Uta’s Yummy Bread

Want some great sourdough bread? Well then next Saturday head to Almonte’s Fartmers Market and grab a loaf or two from Steve & Uta. That’s what I did yesterday morning. The blue line shows how I got there.

Robertson Road and Hazeldean Road is mostly malls and burbs, so I suggest biking along the Trans Canada Trail from Bells Corners to the other end of Kanata, as I’ve hi-lited on the above map in purple. I did however stop in at Bushtakah in Kanata to buy some bike gloves.

Just before the bridge over the Trans Canada Highway, three deer ran beside me for about a hundred yards before turning away from the road. See those white bums in the distance? That’s them.


I biked along a combination of hard packed dirt and paved roads from the Hazeldean/Spruce Ridge intersection as far as March Road. This shot is a good indication of the surrounding scenery. LOTS of square timber houses along the way.


Happened upon this auction along Corkery Road. They seem to be quite popular in the countryside.

Country auction

We all went to one in Perth earlier this summer for the first time. It was lots of fun. Scored a silky tiger striped pillow and a framed print for $2! Kept the pillow for the car and sold the frame at the Shanghai Restaurant garage sale…. but I digress.

March Road has a narrow shoulder and fast moving cars, so it might be a wiser choice to continue down Old Almonte Road and weave your way west along quieter streets to Almonte.

Here are Steve and Uta in action. Uta is a great artist who will be creating an installation at FieldWorks next year. She also created the incredible head dress China Doll wore in this years Pride Parade.

Yummy Bread

After purchasing two loaves and tucking them away in my panniers, I went for a stroll through beautiful Almonte. Here’s a sample of sites to take in.

Old Post Office, circa 1891
Old Town Hall, circa 1885

There is a short picturesque walkway along the Mississippi River with lots of interpretive panels explaining the defining role it has played in the history of the town. Nice views too, like this.

River Walk

Carla and the kids joined me at the market, we ate, toured, shopped and headed home. Fine ride, great destination, excellent bread!

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  1. There’s a bicycle/snowmobile trail from Stittsville to Carleton Place. When near Carleton Place, you could take Appleton Sideroad up to Almonte.

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