Heatherington Neighbourhood via Fabricland

There are a few streets in the Heatherington neighbourhood I still hadn’t travelled down, so that’s where I biked to on Saturday morning. But first I had to go to the theatre for a meeting, and then to Fabricland on Walkley Road to buy a whole lot of canvas.

The Heatherington neighbourhood has seen troubled times, such as this guns and ammo seizure in August. However I have always felt very safe biking through the neighbourhood.

A lot of the houses are similar to these ones on Heatherington Avenue.

There’s this sprawling electric transformer depot.

And there are these great murals covering all four sides of a small service building in the centre of Fairlea Park.

Fairlea Park

There have also been successful community based initiatives to deal with problems in the area.

On the way home I discovered an unmarked path leading through Pleasant Park Woods off of Rhodes Crescent.

There are alot of trails throughout these woods I didn’t know existed. Can’t wait to check them out.

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