Diplomat Memorial via Fabricland

I caught wind of a new memorial unveiled along Island Park Drive near the Ottawa River so I decided to go have a look. But first I had to shop at Fabricland on Merivale.

It was rush hour and rainy so I chose the route with least traffic. That’s how I wound up biking down Arthur Lane.

Arthur Lane & Fairview Towers

Years ago I photographed images of Fairview Towers from this location and projected them as part of the set design for a play called A Number (three middle images on the right).

A Number

They’ve since added the barbed wire to the top of the chain link fence separating Arthur Lane from the Towers parking lot. I’m glad I found myself re-visiting this alley, as they are in the process of remodelling the building.

After stopping off at Fabricland I worked my way over to the new memorial. It’s visually impressive. I included my trusty steed in the first shot to provide a sense of scale. The second image is probably how the designer would prefer it be viewed.


There were no interpretive elements on site to explain the intended meaning of the monument, or it’s actual name, however from various news stories (here, here, and here), it seems it’s main purpose is to commemorate diplomats who have lost their lives in the call of duty. This particular site was chosen because the first assassination of a diplomat on Canadian soil occurred close by on Island Park Drive.

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