Parc National de Plaisance

Yesterday we loaded up our new bike rack and headed off for a ride in Parc National de Plaisance.

We biked 11 km westwardly along the Sentier des Outaouais from Maison Galipeau in Thurso to the pontoon ferry docking in Baie Dubé. The ferry usually carries passengers and bikes on a half hour ride to the visitors centre near Plaisance, however the mouth of the Petite-Nation River which the boat follows to the visitors centre was not navigable due to the ongoing drought, so we biked back the way we came.

The Trail (Sentier des Outaouais)

Apart from the occasional motorboat passing on the Ottawa river, we were surrounded by nature.

Son & Sun

We took advantage of one of the many picnic tables interspersed along the route. A couple of lookout towers near both ends of the trail allowed us to observe the flora and fauna of the inland marshes from above.

View of Baie Dubé from bottom of lookout tower…
…. view from top of lookout tower.

I was very proud of the whole gang. 22km. I think we set a family distance record. To celebrate we headed into Plaisance for an ice cream. This place has a choice of 20 flavours of slushie, 20 flavours of hard ice cream, and 60 flavours of SOFT ice cream!

Ice Cream Man Eating Ice Cream or Cannibal Cone

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