Boulevard de la Technologie, and beyond….

Decided to check out Boulevard de la Technologie in Gatineau.

It appears to have few industries, hi-tech or otherwise, so perhaps there are plans in the making.

Boulevard de la Technologie

According to my map, the Boulevard suddenly ends at the edge of an open field. One way to check for unmarked roads or paths is to choose Satellite view in Google Maps. As this image shows, there seemed to be a faint indication of paths criss crossing through the field north of where the Boulevard ends. Noticing that some of these paths lead to Rue Fleury on the eastern side, I decided to try my luck.

I discover there is indeed a gravel path where the Boulevard ends. Further along, the path became truck tire treads through tall grass and dried mud.

Tall Grass Trail

Started to get a bit lost, when I came upon this tree with a ladder and platform perched way up high. I don’t hunt, but people I know who do describe using such perches to look out for game. Could have been a kids tree house, but the crushed cans of Busch scattered about the base of the tree suggested other wise.

Look up. Look way up.

From atop of the platform I noticed trampled grass heading in the direction I wanted.

Look down. Look way down.

Further along I came upon this abandoned helmet. But where did the bicyclist go…? I started to get nervous.

Helmet found, bicyclist missing.

Finally I found what I had been seeking – the end of Rue Fleury! Phew! Back to civilization!

Rue Fleury

But what was this? A cow ski jumping on someone’s front yard? And what possible use could she have with that giant fork?


I then discovered another unmarked path at the end of Chemin Loretta….

Loretta path

… which eventually crosses the Wakefield train tracks, right where they are washed out. Very sad.

Washed out tracks.

Continuing along from here, I joined the NCC bike path at the end of Rue du Dôme where you can catch this amazing graffiti flanking the highway 5 bike path underpass.

Gatineau Grafitti

I headed home from here. A very exciting outing.

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