Biking to the Great Canadian Theatre Company from points south-west along the Experimental Farm Pathway

The Great Canadian Theatre Company (GCTC) , located in the wonderful Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre at the corner of Holland and Wellington, is  Ottawa’s largest professional, independent theatre. The second show of the 2018-19 season, The Drowning Girls, runs from October 23rd to November 11th, 2018. UPDATE: November 12th, 2018 – The Drowning Girls run has come and gone but there’s lots more theatre where that came from! If anyone needs a different bike route to the GCTC other than the one described below, send me a start cross street and I’ll figure one out.

The Drowning Girls – GCTC, Fall 2018

The blue line on the attached map indicates a bike route patrons can follow to get to the GCTC from the Central Park neighbourhood located south-west of the theatre. This route may also serve riders arriving from points further west along the Experimental Farm Pathway as far as Woodroffe Avenue, as indicated by the pink line.

From our starting point we head east along the Experimental Farm Pathway between trees and houses before crossing Merivale Road at the lights.

Heading East along Experimental Farm Pathway…. across Merivale Road

The path then continues downhill past corn fields on the right towards Fisher Avenue.

Experimental Farm Pathway heading East towards Fisher Avenue

The crossing at Fisher is a little convoluted as the lights are located a short distance south. Unofficial bi-directional bike lanes have recently been added along the west side of Fisher to get to the crossing.

Experimental Farm Pathway crossing at Fisher, seen from where path meets Fisher arriving from the west

Once across Fisher the Experimental Pathway heads north.

Experimental Farm Pathway heading north parallel to Fisher

The path then takes a sudden turn east. To continue north, exit the Experimental Farm Pathway immediately beyond the turn, onto a path of packed dirt that runs parallel to Fisher through a section of beautiful tall pines.

Exit off Experimental Farm Pathway onto path through the woods
Magical path through pines parallel to Fisher

This path eventually meets the paved pathway running along the National Capital Commission (NCC) Scenic Driveway. Continue north along this path.

Where path through the woods meets the path along the NCC Scenic Driveway

If it’s rainy the path through the woods can get a bit muddy. An alternative is to take the bike lane on the paved shoulder along Fisher to where it ends at Tunis Avenue. Turn right onto Tunis, then left along the NCC pathway.

Paved shoulder/bike lane along Fisher (alternative to the paththrough the woods if it’s muddy)

The NCC pathway crosses Fisher at some traffic lights, then ends a short distance further north at Carling Avenue. Cross Carling at the traffic lights, then again across Island Park Drive to get to the bike lane that runs north along Island Park Drive.

Crossing Carling and Island Park Driveway where the path along the NCC Scenic Driveway ends at Carling

Follow Island Park for a short distance before turning onto Huron, just before reaching the big NCC sign.

Exiting Island Park Driveway bike lane onto Huron

Continue north along Huron before turning right onto Kenilworth, both pleasant residential streets. Cross Holland Avenue at the  traffic lights and continue along the bike path under the Queensway.

Bike lane along Holland heading north under the Queensway

Cross Holland at the lights just north of the Queensway  into the grounds of Fisher Park Public School.

Crossing Holland into Fisher Park Public School

One may be tempted to continue down Holland, versus crossing through the school yard to Harmer Avenue North, but the Holland bike lane disappears further north of and it all turns into a hornets nest of non-allgned intersections with cars and trucks jostling their way on & off of Holland. In two years one will be able to avoid riding along Holland entirely once the city has finished replacing the pedestrian/cycling bridge over the Queensway linking Harmer Ave North and South.

Stay to the right of the school and follow the path that circles the playing field, then exit onto Harmer Avenue.

Path around Fisher Park School field

Once arrived at Harmer on the other side of the schoolyard, continue north, then cross Byron Avenue to get onto the multi-use path.

North along Harmer….. then east on the Byron bike lane

Ride along the Byron multi-use path 1 block over to Huron Avenue (another quiet residential street), then continue to the corner of Huron and Wellington where you will see the GCTC marquee one block to the east. There are a bunch of bike racks along the Wellington sidewalks between Huron and Holland. There are also a few racks along Wellington closer to the theatre.

View towards the GCTC from Huron & Wellington


Et voila!






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