30 Days of Biking – The End

On the last day of this year’s 30 Days of Biking I decided to take my winter wheeler in for a well deserved tune up. Upon my arrival I wasn’t surprised to learn they had a back log. At this time of year everyone is anxious to shake the dust off their summer steeds and ride! So I made an appointment and pedalled back home.

I’m very pleased I took the 30 Days of Biking pledge. It allowed me to focus on the importance of biking to accommodate short daily tasks as well as longer commuter routes. I probably won’t be blogging as often as I have been over the last month, but I do intend on continuing to find a daily reason to go for a ride.

To get to the bike shop and back I followed my favourite Westboro-ly route, described in detail in this post. Here are a few additional hi-lites to add to its appeal.

Orange Art Gallery has recently taken up residence in this great little old building that sits on the edge of the City Centre parking lot on the way to and from the O-Train path.

Little old building in City Centre
Little old building in City Centre

This well preserved heritage building also stands proud on Armstrong, one block north of Wellington.

Armstrong House
Armstrong House

Big rocks on front yards can be interesting, even more so with iron snails crawling verrrry slowwwwly across their surface, like this one along Armstrong closer to Parkdale.


So there you have it. ‘Twas a fine month of riding!

Author: ottawavelo


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