30 Days of Biking – Day 28 : Ride through Hintonburg to do some banking, then along the river home.

Today I biked to to the bank. My main branch is on Sparks St, but the Sparks St BIA is so rabidly anti-biking they not only forbid riding, they chop locks and confiscate bikes whenever it meets their fancy. Fortunately we live in the age of bank machines, so on day 28 of 30 Days of Biking I wove my way over to the one in Hintonburg. Transaction completed, I headed north to the Ottawa River and meandered along its shore towards home. Here’s how.

Detailed description of routes to the bank can be found on my Day 2 blog entry, a combination of which I followed today. To get back home I rode north along Hinchey towards the river. Hinchey dead ends but there’s an accessible opening onto NCC lands.

Path access at end of Hinchey
Path access at end of Hinchey

A bit further on there’s a fine view of the bridge onto Lemieux Island.

Bridge to Lemieux Island
Bridge to Lemieux Island

There isn’t an official trail through this area, but the paths are well trodden and very bike-able. I took the one to the right which led to the intersection of Slidell St and the parkway.

So many paths to choose from....
So many paths to choose from….

From there I rolled onto the bike path and headed home.

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