30Days of Biking – Day 21 : From Chinatown to Fairmont Park

Fairmont Park is a great place for kids to play and run around, as did my son this afternoon with a group of friends from his days at Devonshire School. Here’s a safe route we followed to get there and back on day 21 of 30 Days of Biking.

We carried our bikes down the stairs that join upper and lower Primrose Avenue and wove our way along residential streets to City Centre where you can access the O-Train Pathway. We zipped up the path that brings you to Somerset, and turned onto Breezehill Avenue which took us past old Devonshire School. The Tudor entranceway was of the Collegiate Gothic style typical of ottawa schools in the early 1900’s, as mentioned on the bronze plaque to the right of the entranceway.

Devonshire Public School
Devonshire School

We then turned right on Laurel St, then left on Irving. A short distance south on Irving there’s a short alley that allows you to cut across to Fairmont Avenue.

Alleyway from Irving to Fairmount Ave
Alleyway from Irving to Fairmont Ave

Then it’s left on Fairmont which goes under the Queensway, one of the few Queensway underpasses that feels safe for biking.

Queensway underpass along Fairmount Ave
Queensway underpass along Fairmont Ave

A couple of blocks beyond the Queensway is Fairmont Park.

Fairmont Park
Fairmont Park

Et voila!

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