30 Days of Biking – Day 18 : Ride to Hog’s Back Falls

Hog’s Back Falls is a pretty spectacular sight at this time of year as a result of the spring melt off. The falls were created at the time of the construction of the Rideau Canal, as explained in this very interesting post. On day 18 of 30 Days of Biking, my son and I biked over to check them out, and discovered some wonderful vantage points.

To get there we followed the O-Train path as far as Young St. That’s where the path surface changes from asphalt to packed dirt. (UPDATE Spring 2019: The path is now paved all the way to Prince of Wales Drive!). We rode through the arboretum and crossed the canal locks at Carleton University. (The purple line is an alternate route should the path through the Arboretum still be snowed in).

That got us on the canal pathway which we followed all the way to Mooneys Bay. The canal is still empty allowing for some great views of the locks, including this one at Mooneys Bay. The patine on the stonework is pretty fantastic. Nic says it looks like the walls of a medieval fortress!

Canal lock at Mooneys Bay
Canal lock at Mooneys Bay

The path circles under and up onto Hogs Back Road over the falls. You can’t really see the falls from this path, but you sure can hear them. Once on the other side of the bridge the path circles under Hogs Back Road once again, which takes you into Hog’s Back Park, from where you can go right up to the edge of the falls.

View of falls from the south shore
View of falls from the south shore

There’s a path that goes right over the falls, allowing you to stare straight down into the torrential frothing.

One point perspective of Hog's Back Falls
One point perspective of Hog’s Back Falls

On the north shore you can follow the path down onto the exposed rock.

Exposed rock
Exposed rock

There are a few short sets of stairs so you may wish to lock your bike on the opposite shore. We brought ours, allowing us to follow another path on the north side of the falls under Hogs Back Road. This path joins the one that continues along the canal.

Path under Hogs Back Road on the north side of the river
Path under Hogs Back Road on the north side of the river

I know this way-finding description around the falls is confusing, so zoom in on the above map to the area around the falls and it will make more sense.

I highly recommend riding over and checking out the fury of the falls before the snow melt excitement subsides.

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