30 Days of Biking – Day 14 : A short ride to pay the taxman, and another to learn how to fix brakes

Today I managed to squeeze in a couple of short bike errands, thus maintaining my 30 Days of Biking pledge. The first was a quick morning ride to the government drop box on Laurier. The second was an even quicker evening ride to Re-Cycles on Bronson to attend a bike fixing workshop.

There is a drop of box for federal tax stuff at 333 Laurier. That’s very convenient if you are biking along the Laurier Bike Lane. Also saves you the cost of postage.

In the evening I rode a few blocks south to Re-Cycles. Re-Cycles is a win-win sort of bike shop for those who want to learn how to fix their own bike. For a minimal hourly fee you can go in and, using their tools and the timely advice of a head mechanic, fix your bike. I’ve done so on numerous occaisions, and it’s been great. Another way to do it is go in and volunteer on fix-it nights. The time spent volunteering can be redeemed for personal use free of charge. They also have group workshops on fixing specific parts of the bike to prep you for when you go in to volunteer, as well as teach you how a bike works. Tonight I went to my first one, which was on brakes.

Bike parts cabinet
Bike parts cabinet

Re-cycles is located very close to the dangerous intersection at Bronson and Gladstone. That’s why I rode a block further south to Arlington and circled back along Bronson. I recommend avoiding Bronson altogether and arriving via Percy and McLeod. Red line’s how I rode home.

Among the many tid-bits of great info gleaned from tonights workshop was the importance of having cable cutters like these in your tool chest.

Cable cutters
Cable cutters

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