30 Days of Biking – Day 10 : Riding to the Canadian Museum of History

For day 10 of 30 Days of Biking Carla and I rode to the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau. On the way back I scoped out the snowiness of the Voyageurs Pathway between the museum and the Portage Bridge along the Ottawa River.

To get to the museum we rode over Portage Bridge and along Rue Laurier on the north side of the museum (blue line on the above map).

On the way back I got on the Voyageurs Path along the river (red line), which is cleared….

Oooh goodie - no snow!
Oooh goodie – no snow!

… until just west of the museum, where you will encounter this pile of mush, then patches of slushy ice beyond.
BUT, I predict, it will be all gone by the weekend. UPDATE – Spring 2018:  This section of the Voyageurs Pathway is closed until at least the Fall of 2018 as the NCC has not finished repairing the damages caused by last Spring’s flooding. 

Pile of mush..... and icy patch.
Pile of mush….. and icy patch.

I took a peek under the Portage Bridge on the Quebec side and am pleased to confirm that it is good to go, apart from this little bit of slush, but it’s manageable and minutes away from disappearing.

Path under Portage on Quebec side
Path under Portage on Quebec side

No such luck for the path under the bridge on the Ontario side. It’s still mucky and filled with broken glass under the bridge.

Et voila!

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