30 Days of Biking – Day 4: Off to see some ordered destruction

The huge Sir John Carling Building located on the edge of the Experimental Farm is being demolished, and they are being very meticulous about it. Various materials are sorted into piles of debris in what was once a vast parking lot. It’s all visually stunning, so early on day 4 of my 30 Days of Biking adventure I biked over there and took photos.

Update – July 13, 2014: The Sir John Carling Building came tumbling down early this morning in spectacular fashion in a controlled explosion.

I followed the route described in this post in reverse with one minor change. Rather than ride diagonally across Commissioners Park from Booth and Carling to the corner of Preston and the Queen Elizabeth Driveway over a packed path, which is presently mush, I cut straight over to the Queen Elizabeth Driveway from Booth along a cleared path. Didn’t know they plowed this link. Then I followed the Recreational Pathway along Dows Lake to Preston & Queen Elizabeth.

Path from Booth&Carling to Dow's Lake
Path from Booth&Carling to Dow’s Lake

Sir John Carling Building, or at least what’s left of it, is located a short ways up Prince of Wales Drive.

Metal pile
Metal pile

Et voila!

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3 thoughts on “30 Days of Biking – Day 4: Off to see some ordered destruction”

  1. It’s a shame they are tearing it down; I believe that John Flanders, professor at the school of Architecture was involved with the design; he was spoke about the sun screening at the windows. Can’t wait to get my bike out!

  2. It’s surprising a big building like this can have such a short life. I wonder what the life expectancy of similar sixties buildings has been.

    Everyday there are more and more cyclists out there. Hopefully there will be more winter cyclists next year.

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