Pedalling to and Paddling on the Rideau River

‘Hey Glenn. want to go for a bike ride?’
‘Sure, let me get the canoe ready.’

That’s sort of how the conversation went which led to today’s Ottawa Velo Outaouais adventure! You see my old friend Glenn Gobuyan is even more crazy passionate about biking than I am. He rides everywhere and has bike toured all over Canada and the planet. On one particular exploit he strapped a kayak to a bike trailer designed and built in Guelph, as described in this blog he kept during the trip. The trailer also pulls a canoe, which he did this afternoon, all the way to Mooney’s Bay. Here’s how the journey went. Blue line’s how we biked there, red line’s our canoe route, and green line’s how he biked home.

Our adventure started in Westboro, just behind MEC.

And they're off!
And they’re off!

We biked over to Dow’s lake, along the canal, and up to Prince of Wales Drive which we followed to Hog’s Back and Mooney’s Bay, eliciting lots of double-takes and smiles along the way.

Pulling the canoe along Prince of Wales Drive
Pulling the canoe along Prince of Wales Drive

We put the canoe in at the Rideau Canoe Club (thank you very much RCC) and paddled up stream along the Rideau to the train bridge and back.

On the Rideau
On the Rideau

Biking back along Prince of Wales Drive we parted ways at the edge of the Experimental Farm where Glenn continued on home with his canoe in tow. SO, a fine adventure. Glenn has previously managed to carry two bikes and passengers in the canoe, which takes a special attachment to keep the bikes stable. We decided to leave that to a future adventure, so stay tuned!

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