Ahhh Spring…. the schmaltzy tour.

Cuteness abounds all over the city at this time of year. Here’s a tour that will take you some seasonal sweet spots.

I caught this little guy feasting on some remaining bulbs in the tulip gardens at Dow’s Lake.


Along the canal between the Hartwell and Hogs Back Locks there’s a good chance you’ll catch a peek of this ducky family.

Early morning family outing
Family outing

To get to the Experimental Farm I followed this well worn path off Baseline.

Path to Experimental Farm off Baseline.
Path to Experimental Farm.

These feathered fellas were having breakfast in Pinecrest Creek.

Early bird gets the seaweed.
Early bird gets the seaweed.

The Deschenes Rapids Lookout is an important migratory bird hangout, with interpretive panels telling you all about it. These Canada Geese were settling down for a nap.

Resting Geese

I’ve come across a number of folks in Ottawa who aren’t terribly fond of these guys, due to their appetite for expensive seeds, or their propensity to ‘fowl’ up the pathways along the river, but c’mon, you gotta admit, these goslings are CUTE!



I leave you with this wee little Inukshuk spotted along the pathway at the entrance to Nepean Bay.


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