Fantastic bike loop through Gatineau!…usually…

This route is one of my favorites through Gatineau because it is entirely along bike paths… most of the time… but not right now. The swollen Ottawa River has flooded sections of the path near and around Lac Leamy. Another section beyond the lake is closed due to construction of rapid transit facilities, forcing one to detour along a road. This section of path will be reopened in the Fall. HOWEVER, it’s still a fine ride, which will become great once the water recedes, and fantastic when they finish building the rapid transit.

Blue line is where I biked. Red lines are the flooded sections of path. Orange line is the section of path blocked off until the Fall.

The tunnel where the Ruisseau-de-la-Brasserie Pathway goes under the Autoroute de la Gatineau is flooded. I rode through and got my feet soaked.

Flooded tunnel under the autoroute
Flooded tunnel under the autoroute

The section of path along the eastern shore of Lac Leamy is flooded as well, but avoidable by biking inland to the parking lot.

Flooded shores of Lac Leamy
Flooded shores of Lac Leamy

The Leamy Creek Pathway weaves it’s way through the woods like so.

Sentier du Ruisseau-Leamy Creek Pathway
Sentier du Ruisseau-Leamy Creek Pathway

Along the Gatineau Park Pathway heading south there are a number of huge impressive boulders like this one gathered at the top of a hill. I’m guessing they were dragged there by a glacier.

Sisyphus' training grounds
Sisyphus’ training grounds

I was worried the Voyageur Pathway along the Ottawa River above the Chaudiere dam would be flooded as well, but it wasn’t, so smooth sailing all the way home.

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