Boxing Day ride through Hull

After a wonderful Boxing Day brunch with friends and family it was time for a quick ride through old Hull.

Rink flooding
Rink flooding in the park off Ruelle Langelier

This church situated on Rue Ste Bernadette was built in 1938.

Église Portugaise Saint-Esprit
Église Portugaise Saint-Esprit

The Sentier des Voyageurs isn’t cleared, but it is well travelled and lit along the section through Parc des Portageurs, making it more than bike able.

It's starting to look a lot like Narnia, 'round here!
It’s starting to look a lot like Narnia, ’round here!
Looking good on Place du Portage
Another beautiful heritage building on Promenade du Portage

Et voila!

Author: ottawavelo


2 thoughts on “Boxing Day ride through Hull”

  1. I especially love your photo of the rink flooding.
    Did you include a glowing lamp in all of your photos on purpose? Nice!

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