Picturesque Ruins at the Mackenzie King Estate

While composing the last post I was reminded of Prime Minister Mackenzie King who collected a number of old ruins and selectively placed them throughout his property in the Gatineau Hills. So I decided to bike up and pay them a visit.

It was the first time I had taken advantage of the Gatineau Parkway being closed to traffic for the season, and it was fantastic. Lots of folks walking, jogging, biking, out having a great time. The Parkway is closed to cars north of the visitor parking indicated by the P on the following map.

Here’s a map showing where the various ruins are located up at the estate which is open to the public.

Map of MKE showing where to find the ruins

1) The first is this bay window on the edge of the woods.

ruin #1

2) A bit further along stands this majestic arch. Love it.


3) On the crest of a little hill sits an assemblage of architectural details Mackenzie King named the Abbey Ruins. Here are the various pieces that make up the Abbey Ruin.

Abbey Ruins

I end this entry with a shot of the trail through the woods between the Abbey Ruins and the Mackenzie King Estate parking lot.

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