Return to Stony Swamp

The last time I biked through the Greenbelt Stony Swamp Sector, many of the trails were closed due to wildfires in the area during this summer’s prolonged dry spell. I promised myself I would return once some of the trails were re-opened, so today I did. The blue line on the map is the route I followed to get there. Red line is how I got back.

I joined the Greenbelt trail network after crossing over highway 416. The ecological diversity in this area is remarkable.

Along the section of trail between Highway 416 and Moodie Drive I noticed this old stone pit someone had recently used to have a campfire.

Stone pit

I followed Moodie Drive to get to the trails west of Moodie. This wide gravel shoulder wasn’t too bad for the short distance I had to travel.

Moodie Drive

Just beyond the trailhead sits this wild bird care centre.

wild bird care centre

There are a couple of board walks along the trail that look out onto beaver ponds. This particular spot must be popular for feeding chickadees. I had only to pause for a moment before these bold little guys were all around me.


I happened upon lots of people holding out their hands onto which the birds would land, pluck a seed and then fly off.

Unfortunately not ALL the trails are open yet. I guess they are still cleaning up after the fire.

Trail closed

On the way back I biked through the residential area called Bells Corners East which appears to have been built up in the 50’s and 60’s. This house has retained much of it’s original detailing. I’ve seen similar big stars on houses through out the country, particularly in New Brunswick. They may symbolise something in particular, like the star in the Acadian flag, or they may also be a popular detail from the period. Not sure.


I then wound my way home along the Ottawa River.


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