Biking to the Jim Durrell Recreation Centre

My son had an afternoon game out at the Jim Durrell Recreation Centre. I’ve biked there before and wound up going through the intersection of Bank and Walkley which is terrible, awful and terrifying. But today I discovered two ways to avoid it! Red line’s how I got there, blue line’s how I got back, with a stop off at La Salle Académique at Ottawa U to help install the latest set I’ve designed for the play Unity by Kevin Kerr.

Someone carved this great little chair out of a stump sitting on the edge of Dow’s lake. The surrounding saw dust suggests a chainsaw was the sculptors tool of choice.


There’s much less water flowing under Hog’s Back bridge these days, exposing the stone river bed. A bunch of seagulls looked like they were having a great time playing in what little water was there.

Seagull party

The secret to avoiding the corner of Bank and Walkley when following the Hogs Back route is this section of unmarked path to the south of Ridgemount High School.

Unmarked shortcut to avoid corner of Bank & Walkley

I was so excited with this discovery that I over shot my mark and had to circle back to get to the Recreation Centre on Walkley.

The route I followed back towards the centre of the city after my son’s game (win!) took me along Alta Vista Drive. I was anxious at first, because even though Google Maps said there was a bike lane, Alta Vista has always been a pretty busy street. But ya know, it wasn’t bad! Folks were driving at a safe pace. Maybe the bike lanes help keep things calm.

Looking back down Alta Vista Drive

Today’s ride reminded me it’s the crisp air of November and how it holds up rich smells to sample, like burning wood or freshly fallen leaves, that helps make biking at this time of year special. And the rich smells were in abundance biking along the Rideau River.

Evening sky along the Rideau River

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