Ottawa River Loop

There are a couple of small streets I had yet to cover on the other side of Pont Champlain, so this evening I biked along the Ottawa side of the river to get there, and then back home along the Gatineau side.

The streets in question are just off Chemin d’Aylmer right after you cross the bridge. Now Chemin d’Aylmer is a very spooky road to bike on at anytime, which is probably why it has taken me this long to visit, but I’m glad I did. Chemin Berkley-Powell is a quiet little promenade with vines inching onto the road on either side. They must look great in the Fall when their leaves turn bright red. It’s a dead end, but I zipped up a dirt path back onto Chemin d’Aylmer.

Chemin Berkley-Powell.

I only had to bike a little further before arriving at my next destination, Rue d’Augusta. Turns out it’s the entrance to a new development called Château Golf with a big stone gate. It’s right across the street from the Royal Ottawa Golf Club which is where this ball must have come from. I found it in the grass while pausing to take this photo.


Beyond the stone gate entrance are these sorts of buildings. All the exteriors are done in warm tones.

Château Golf

Back along the river, just west of the bridge, the exposed rock river bed has this incredible pattern.

Riverbed pattern

‘Twas truly a glorious evening for a bike ride ….

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4 thoughts on “Ottawa River Loop”

    1. Indeed – incredible scenery and lots to discover along this route. I’ve heard rumours that parts of the path on the Quebec side are along an old portage trail.

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