Off to Home Depot at Rush Hour

Had to get to Home Depot in the west end right in the middle of rush hour.
I could have driven….

Rush Hour on the Queensway

… but decided to bike.
I chose a route that allowed me to re-visit the Cyrville Industrial Area. On my first ride through a month ago today I was struck by its mix of houses and industry, encircled by very heavy duty traffic arteries – St Laurent to the West, the Queensway to the North, the 417 to the East, and Innes Road to the South. Todays trip taught me that the surviving residential area is pretty much confined to the area defined by the three blocks Gossett St, Louis Lane and Marchand St, however I did notice this white house (below, left) on Triole St, all alone standing proud.


Innes Road over the 417 is treacherous. Too bad, because a bike lane starts right on the other side.

The Home Depot on Cyrville is really great – best service in town, apart from Preston Hardware which is in a league of its own.

Author: ottawavelo


2 thoughts on “Off to Home Depot at Rush Hour”

  1. I try to avoid biking to the East end industrial areas, trucks beside me make me very nervous,

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