Parc-Champlain, Gatineau

This evening I re-visited the Parc Champlain area in Gatineau, which I partially biked through on Canada Day. It hasn’t changed much. The section East of the little stream still has an eclectic mix of homes on big wooded properties, such as this one.

Parc-Champlain East

West of the stream there are huge new homes clad in big stone veneers like this.

Parc-Champlain West

This area is so new some houses are still being built, like this one. I find the temporarily exposed fragility of the chipboard and wood frame skeleton fascinating in contrast to the implied permanency of the stone cladding on the finished houses.

Chipboard & lumber

Heading home I followed the NCC Champlain Corridor Pathway and was pleased to discover the pedestrian/bike bridge over Chemin des Allumettières is completed and open!

New Bridge!

Closer to home along the Voyageurs Pathway the carré rouge paint brigade has been very active recently.

Carré rouge

The authorities are trying to keep up by painting over red squares on the pathway with black ones.

Carrés rouge et noir

Interestingly, Professeur Normand Baillargeon explains in this article how the symbolism of the two square colours correspond.

Lovely view of the Ottawa skyline.

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