Beacon Hill Beckoned

There are a number of houses in Beacon Hill with the brick work treatment shown below. The grout is left untrimmed, and the exterior walls are painted entirely white. It must must have been a popular style in the 50’s and 60’s, as there are a number of houses with this type of brickwork in Elmvale Acres as well.

Grout – gotta love it!

This style too, with protruding bricks to create a subtle pattern.

Intermittent Outies

At the top of Ski Hill Park along Naskapi Drive I noticed this interesting hedge, trimmed to avoid the side walk. Either that, or a very fussy and hungry deer lives in the neighbourhood.

Serious Hedge Trimming

Ending off with another glorious view of the Ottawa River, as seen from the boat launch at the end of Massey Lane.


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