Bellwether – Longfields Transit Station Art Installation

The other day my daughter and I visited the City Hall Art Gallery’s latest exposition Close to Home, presenting recent additions to the City of Ottawa’s Fine Art Collection. Lots of great work, including a scale model of Bellwether, the Longfields Transit Station installation by Erin Robertson and Anna Williams. I had to see the real McCoy, so it became yesterday’s destination!

This section of the NCC Greenbelt Pathway between Merivale Road and Fallowfield Road weaves it’s way through a combination of wooded area and farmland making it a fine lead up to viewing the piece.

Section of NCC Greenbelt Pathway

I love what Erin and Anna have done. The work is spread out over three locations on the upper platform, two of which are shown in the photos below. Described here, the strength of the piece is heightened when considered in its context as a point of transition. Each grouping in the three locations can be considered individually, while its overall cohesiveness and layers of meaning can build up over the course of several visits through the station.

On the way back through the Experimental Farm I realized how fortunate we are to have big sky moments such as this so close to the heart of our city. Thank you Experimental Farm.

Cue angel chorus, and…. go!

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