Up the Gatineau

I’m working on a play that is set primarily along the Gatineau River, so, taking this as inspiration, I set out to cover a few uncharted streets close to its shores.
I crossed over the Pont Lady Aberdeen and headed north.

A short distance up stream I noticed this house covered in it’s original asphalt siding, something I have rarely chanced upon. This style of siding was popular in the 40’s but fell out of fashion and was replaced or covered up with other types of siding.

Asphalt Siding

Shortly after discovering this interesting house I started to experience some intense internal conflicts, and was seriously considering abandoning the adventure, when suddenly, from across Parc de la Riviera I spotted this!

Glorious beacon of relief!

Bless you Ville de Gatineau!

I then continued north and crossed back over at the Alonzo-Wright bridge, which afforded this wonderful view up the Gatineau.

Looking North

I also checked out Chemin côte d’un mille and happened upon this property filled with a treasure of assorted old vehicles.

Author: ottawavelo


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